Lose Fat With Healthy Fats

Everyone is afraid of the fats as we are so often told by the media and people around us. But it turns out that it is the biggest nutrition lie that we’ve been told. As our body needs fat as well but more specifically the human body needs the healthy fats. Fats can broadly be classified into good and bad. The good ones should be welcomed at the table to enjoy good health. The good fats include two types of fats, namely, monosaturated fats and polysaturated fats. Let’s give you an account of the benefit of the good fats and the food sources that are rich in them.

Monounsaturated Fat

Monosaturated fat is commonly found in foods like nuts and plant oils. These are the good fats that help to lower your cholesterol levels which means that a diet rich in good fats actually helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Polyunsaturated Fat

Monosaturated fats make the majority of the fat intake in your food while the next largest portion is dedicated to polysaturated fats which are also good type of fats. Polysaturated fats are the essential fatty acids required by the body to function properly. Also, the body is incapable of producing these essential fats on its own so you need to include them in your diet to help your body function properly. There are two major types of polysaturated fats Omega-6 and omega-3.


The omega-6 fatty acid is commonly found in most of the vegetable oils, other food oils and various nuts. So, the chances of it being missed from the diet are rare.


On the other hand, the omega-3 fatty acids are usually missing from our diets which cannot be good at all. Omega-3 fatty acids are the real life food miracle due to their benefits. They are naturally present in fish (also fish oil supplements) in abundance. These amazing fatty acids are good for everything related to the body like building muscle, losing fat, proper functioning of the body and organs and in preventing the diseases. It also helps to lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and raise good (HDL) cholesterol levels and also aids in reducing inflammation. Moreover, it keep you safe from many fatal diseases like heart stroke etc. It helps in calorie partitioning by building more muscle rather that storing them as fats and in case of calorie deficit, it helps burn the fat instead of the muscles. One thing that holds prime importance to get the maximum benefit from the good fats is the ratio in which you intake the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Let’s discuss in detail.

Optimal Ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3 is the Key

Ideally the ratio between these two essential fatty acids should be 2:1 for optimal health and functioning of the body and its organs. However, in reality it is mostly 10:1. The reason is that the omega-6 fatty acid is present in huge amounts in our diets while on the other hand, omega-3 fatty acid is usually lacking. So, in order to get optimal results we should always try to maintain the ratio.

How much fat to intake per day and from what source?

With an understanding of the types of fats and how they each affects the body and its functioning, you can create a diet plan to obtain optimal health or weight loss goals.

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