Chocolate The Superfood Of Gods

Cacao is the amazing superfood that has so many benefits to it. Some of which are memory improvement, boost the mood as well as immunity, It has been considered the drink of gods by Incas, as so the scientific name of the cacao tree, which is Theobroma cacao, comes from the Greek words theo meaning god and broma meaning drink. The raw cacao is full of anti-oxidants which are four times higher than the anti-oxidant content of the processed chocolates. Hence, raw cacao and processed chocolates can be considered two very different foods. The processed chocolate is made by roasting raw cacao and adding sugar, milk, and some other ingredients which turn it into a solid food. Studies suggest that the addition of dairy to cacao blocks the absorption of anti-oxidants. So, while the processed chocolate may taste delicious but the benefits of cacao are lost in it. We list some of the benefits of cacao for you.

1. Makes you Happy

Cacao is known to be one of the healthiest foods that has the ability to put you in your best mood with the help of anandamide which is best known as bliss molecule and helps to create a feeling of euphoria.

2. Enhances your mood

The compound PEA or phenethylamine, found in cacao is known as the mood enhancing compound as it triggers the release of endorphins. These are released when we fall in love or during sexual activity naturally.

3. Balances Hormones

Cacao also improves the brain level of serotonin, the brain chemical responsible for making you feel good. During PMS, these levels drop dramatically in women which leads to the mood swings, so having cacao in such days can help to balance out this hormone and make you feel happy and better.

4. Keeps your heart Healthy

Cacao contains flavanols which is anti-inflammatory and heart protective anti-oxidant so including this superfood in your diet helps to protect your heart, prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduces the rate of heart stroke by improving the blood circulation.

5. Prevents Premature Aging

The polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao contain anthocyanins and catechins that protects the cells from premature oxidation or destruction and keeps you looking younger and glowing.

6. Helps to shed fat

Having a cup of hot cacao before meals can help you a great deal in losing the fats. The MAO inhibitors present in cacao reduce your appetite and hence you eat lesser promoting weight loss.

7. Increases energy levels and fights fatigue

Cacao is a rich natural source of magnesium which protects the body against osteoporosis, reduces the risk of diabetes, keeps kidneys healthy, regulates bowel movement and lowers the blood pressure. So, it fights these diseases for you and maximizes your energy levels by combating fatigue to the maximum.

8. Contains healthy fats

Our body needs fats what are healthy for it known as the monosaturatured and the polysaturated fats. These good fats help to create chemical reactions that cause growth and help in immunity and are found in cacao in abundance.

9. Shiny hair and Glowing Skin

The abundance of sulfur found in the cacao superfood helps you to achieve lustrous strong hair. The flavanols found in it help to get a glowing skin by promoting microcirculation, improving oxygen saturation and keeping the skin hydrated.

These great benefits of cacao help you in obtaining a healthier and happier outlook towards life. So, make sure to add this superfood to your daily diet one way or the other to get the maximum out of your life by improving your mood, getting glowing skin, shiny hair and preventing various kinds of diseases.


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